Autumn complement avoid disease mess up, regardless of the actual situation

  Although sooner or later after the beginning of autumn cool weather, but during the day there is still “hot autumn” rampant, so the body prone to fatigue, weakness and so on. According to Chinese medicine, “Yang Yang spring and summer, autumn and winter Yin” principle, fall tonic is very necessary, but must not recklessly, must be “Five Note three should be.”

  Tonic to Five Note

  1 disease mess up. Both to increase spending, but also harm themselves. Such as cod liver oil overdose can cause poisoning, long-term use can cause weight gain and blood glucose, cholesterol increased, induced cardiovascular disease. Also, any tonic overdose are harmful, that “more than a tonic, cure physical disease” is unscientific.

  2, regardless of the actual situation. Chinese medicine believes that not deficiency syndrome patients should not use tonic. Xu Zheng another yin, yang, qi, blood of the points, in order to take some symptomatic benefit, otherwise, just the opposite, harmful to the body.

  3 tonic will flesh. Animal foods is undoubtedly tonic, only a higher nutritional and delicious taste. But meat is not digestible and absorbed, if eat, on gastrointestinal function has receded for the elderly are often overwhelmed. And some of the process of digestion of meat “by-product”, such as excessive lipids, carbohydrates and other things but often the cause of cardiovascular disease and cancer and other common diseases and frequently-occurring factors.

  In addition, there are many man-days day Hunxing, greasy meal, these foods acidic metabolites resulting from the need for timely discharge of toxic substances, and the accelerated pace of life, people and even constipation, irregular bowel movements. Therefore, in the tonic, it should also attach importance to the smooth stool.

  4 Constant “fill” unchanged. Some people like to taste, a certain kind of special good tonic, and from unchanged for many years to develop into a partial eclipse, addicted to food, which is detrimental to health. Because both drugs and food health treatment, there are some side effects, long take more clothes will affect the body's nutritional balance. Particularly the elderly, not only the organ in varying degrees of loss, need to be comprehensively and systematically conditioning, and different seasons have different needs.

  5 more expensive, more complementary. Where there is a certain tonic objects and indications should be required to determine the Diet, “what is missing, make up what is,” and not with tonic prices are equal to the high and low points, especially in older age groups, but should be practical and inexpensive for the nourishing principle . To prevent the pharmacokinetics food. Heavy dose deli unscientific.

  Fall up to 3 months, each time the weather, the environment and human physiology is different, tonic and content should also be a way to make some random tuning. There are three should therefore tonic.

  Early autumn spleen and stomach

  Spleen and stomach function, and strive to leave summer fatigue, loss of appetite and other symptoms as soon as possible to eliminate, to lay the foundation for the tonic, that the “bottom fill.” Modern medicine, in the autumn adaptation phase, should prevent sudden it difficult to digest and absorb with supplements, causing diarrhea and other diseases. First, follow the rules of nourishing, Yin double up, two is to prevent dryness invasion. Sibu should lungs and fluid, easily digestible food-based, such as dairy products, fish, lean meat, eggs, beans, fresh vegetables, lotus root, supplemented radish, tomato, white fungus, pears, persimmons, etc. Among them, the lotus is the top grade. Lotus root with a lot of starch, protein, vitamins B, C and fats, carbohydrates and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, meat juicy, white rounded, sweet taste. Raw food can cool blood scattered silt, cooked can make up the heart and kidney, young and old ages. Many food law, there is a simple fried lotus root silk, fried lotus root folder and so on.

  Autumn Yin and lungs

  With the deepening of autumn air becoming dry, the lung has become increasingly serious infringement. After entering the autumn of it, it should be Yin and lungs. Foods are sesame seeds, lily, pears, mushrooms, honey, carrots, sugar cane, lotus root, water chestnut, and most vegetables. Cool climate makes a good appetite, duck, sea cucumber, chicken has become the meal dishes, beef, pigeon, etc. The product can also be calm and appropriate lifting the ban. However, lamb, dog and other hot foods, unless yang constitution, or to try to eat. Chestnut nutritious, digestible and absorbed, with spleen and stomach, kidney and blood of power. Water chestnut in the carbohydrate 34.6%, while only 0.2% fat, and rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins, is not easy to make people fat. The water chestnut and meat or beef, tomatoes, taste not only delicious, but also relieve neuralgia, headache, joint pain and back pain embolism. Can also be used chestnut 200 grams, jujube 10 grams, 30 grams of peanut, add brown sugar, the result of “nourishing soup”, suitable for the elderly physically weak, stomach Deficiency of maternal anemia and bronchitis patients.

  Autumn winter bottom fill

  Late autumn tonic has two meanings: First, deepen the autumn meeting, the second is laying the foundation for the winter meeting. At this point, the body began to collect essence, the product is easy to absorb nourishing food store to help enhance physical fitness. In addition to the vegetarian diet, but a modest increase in the amount of meat or fish, such as chicken, beef, liver and fish and so on. Vegetarian chrysanthemum is recommended. Simple usage with chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum wine (dry bulb daisy amount in low spirits, the 24 hours after drinking), chrysanthemum porridge (100 grams of rice, add water, porridge, will be cooked, add chrysanthemum boil); little bit more complex There chrysanthemum pork, chicken, pork liver, etc. From the bottom for the winter complement the perspective of Chinese medicine Gorgon is the best choice. Gorgon contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin and vitamin C, nourishing strong, Bu Zhong Yi Qi, appetizers thirst, Gu Shen Yang Jing and other features. Approach can also be eclectic, as will the lean meat or beef with tomatoes, or Gorgon 60 grams, jujube 10 grams, 30 grams of peanut, add brown sugar stew.