Small coup to prevent motion sickness easily double your travel

  Autumn, double coming, it is a good time to travel. But some people have to give up because of motion sickness while traveling, only to stay at home. Many people have motion sickness, seasickness or motion sickness problems, in medicine, which we call “motion sickness.” Motion sickness may be each person's physical condition, mood, etc. are related. To give you motion sickness is not affected, you can swim out straightforward, this paper to present to you some small way prevent motion sickness.

  1 Eat moderate wear loose

  Motion sickness may know, do not eat or eat too much, are more likely to motion sickness. We therefore before traveling to light diet, do not overeat. Do not wear tight clothing. Before his departure, recharge your batteries, rest, while maintaining a good mood, it can reduce the probability of motion sickness.

  (2) Some can smell the taste for motion sickness

  Driving on the way to fresh ginger in his hand, ready to put the nose following news that spicy nasal inhalation. Ginger can also be attached to the navel, with the wet as the injury fixed. About 1 hour before traveling, fresh orange peel surface outward, inward fold, and then align the two nostrils, two fingers squeeze the skin also will be sprayed with fragrant mist. Respirable more than 10 times, did so in France at any car on the way smoke smell.

  3 Apply Fengyoujing

  Car on the way, the wind spirits or paint on temple Fengchi. Also two drops of essential balm in navel place and used wet as the injury mulching.

  4 drink vinegar

  Vinegar drink before traveling warm water, the way is not motion sickness.

  5 stickers wet as the injury

  Take before traveling affixed navel wet as the injury, prevent motion sickness significant effect.

  6 pinch Neiguan

  When motion sickness, can be used, including the thumb pinch off point (Neiguan in volar wrist, wrist band for about two cross-refers to two tendons.