Perfect nap can prevent and relieve stress fitness

  Many people like to take a nap, which is a good habit. Reasonable nap very beneficial to health, can improve physical and mental health, relieve stress, reduce the risk of disease. Nap allows the brain to rest, better stimulate people's creativity, improve learning and memory ability. So, how to take a nap in order to achieve better results?

  Nap time for most scientific

  Studies have said, drowsiness and changes in body temperature are directly related. The time when the temperature drops, the body will think “that relax the body.” In the “13:00 ~ 4:00” and “23:00 ~ 7:00 the next day,” the two periods, the body temperature is relatively low. Therefore, the best time to nap should be 13:00 ~ 4:00. Recommended not to sleep more than four points, otherwise it could lead to night insomnia .

  The best place to nap

  Many office workers noon only an hour to eat, rest. So only confused while lying on the table. However, the table is definitely not the best place to take a nap. Should be the most comfortable lying down to sleep, napping is no exception. Car, office, sofas fine, as long as can be done lying down feel comfortable nap. Should avoid sleeping nap, regardless of the selected tool nap, nap wherever is best to allow the upper body raised slightly more, reclining sleep. To avoid nap lying on the table, there is no condition, but also the best in the first Xiadian cushions.

  How long nap appropriate

  How long nap, according to the nature of their work and timing to be. But there is a principle, that is: it should be clear after a nap, if after a nap, groggy mind, affecting the afternoon's work, you may need to adjust a little longer. According to the research, said 10-15-minute nap sobriety best.