Disposable oxygen humidification device
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Disposable oxygen humidification device is made of medical polymer materials ABS and PVC, by joint, humidifier, humidification fluid,oxygen inhalation tube.The humidification fluid is sterile water.
There are two types of Ⅰtype and  Ⅱtype,and it divided into four kinds of specifications: A(humidification fluid 100ml,type Ⅰ oxygen tube),B(humidification fluid 100ml,type Ⅱ oxygen tube),C(humidification fluid 300ml,type Ⅰ oxygen tube),D(humidification fluid 300ml,type Ⅱ oxygen tube).
Disposable oxygen humidification device for instrutions:
1.Open the package,the flowmeter is connected to the meter joint;
2.The humidification bottle inlet joint tightly to the humidification bottle inlect and ensure that the conical head puncture inlect sealing film.
3.Break apart the anti leak then put the oxygen tube speaker connect to shedding humidification bottle out let,the joints tight,to prevent the shedding.
4.Let nasal auess the human nasal cavity,adjust the regulator or rope to prevent congestion from nasal drop.
5.Adjust the flow to oxygen.

Basic size of Disposable oxugen humidification device(Basic size of oxygen tube unit:mm):