Disposable Foley Cathete
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Latex Catheter:Malaysia imports of natural late as raw materials,uses the international advanced production,the product surface uses silicone resin material processing.The tube body is smooth,the biocompatibility is good, Anti high pressure balloon is not easy to rupture,the balloon will not plug the hole and ensure the safe use of the hospital.
Made of Natural Latex material,silicone coated
Specification:one-way,two-way,three-way is available
         2-way Pediatric,6Fr-10Fr,3-5ml/cc
         2-way Standard,12Fr-26Fr,5ml/10ml/30ml/50ml
         3-way Standard,16Fr-26Fr,10ml/30ml/50ml
Length:25-27cm(children and female)40cm(male) 
Supplied sterile in individual peelable polybag or blister pack
Sterile,sterile by ethylene oxide gas